hola, it's me.

My name is Rebeka Montoya and art has been a part of my life since I was a little girl.  My father is an artist.  I grew up watching him draw and paint and design, and little did I know, a lot stuck with me.  To this day he remains my most influential art teacher and toughest critic.  

I fell in love with watercolor and have not dared to venture into other mediums.  I believe it will be a long time until I do.  However, I do embellish in modern calligraphy and invitation design. I'm a geek for all things paper and stationery.

Navigating the ups and downs of life I fell into these different modes of expression.  Searching for answers, a better life, new projects, different perspectives.  So far, it's taken me on a wild ride exceeding my expectations.  It has become my meditation.  It has the ability to silence all the voices in my head, and the ones around me too.  

Sometimes inspiration comes and takes me to other places.  When it happens I write about it.  I share it with you here. 

Enjoy and Thank You for stopping by!